Highly Strung – and not a Dirty Window in Sight!

It’s good to learn new things when you’re in the acting biz – every new skill adds a string to your bow. And every new string makes you more attractive to casting types, so:

I’m learning the Ukulele.

And before you say it, it’s not all George Formby and “When I’m Cleanin’ Winders”*! Did you know that John Lennon started out on the Ukulele before he could play guitar?  This makes playing a Uke officially “Cool”. So I’m told.

Though maybe not the hat.

But why the Ukulele?

Well, everyone does the Guitar, don’t they? Imagine how bored casting directors must get by the time the 30th guitar appears on stage!  But a Ukulele?  Well, it just makes you smile, doesn’t it?

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pop a YouTube sing-song up sometime!

I sat down for a chat with Daniel Evans, Artistic Director of Sheffield Theatres, the other week.  He’s a charming and wonderfully enthusiastic man who genuinely loves his job.

It was the first time I’d been to the City since working with Dead Earnest on a project back in 2005. It was also my first return to the Crucible Theatre since seeing Kenneth Brannagh do Richard III there many moons ago.

It was a treat to spend time in Sheffield again – it’s the perfect model of how to regenerate a town, with art, sculpture and poetry seemingly everywhere you look! If you’ve never been, I encourage you to visit sometime.

And my chat with Daniel? Ah, well that’s between me, him and Frost Magazine 😉

I recently caught a snippet of the old Richard Burton/Peter O’Toole film, “Beckett”.  It’s a brilliant film with two acting heavyweights trying to outshine each other on screeen.  It’s as close as acting comes to bare-knuckle boxing.  I’ve been inspired to put together a new VideoTim based on the ferocity and fury of one of those scenes.

I look forward to sharing it with you.  Next Time.

Until then, have a happy Easter and don’t eat all your eggs at once!

*Yes, I’ve started learning “When I’m Cleaning Windows”.  There’s probably a law mandating it somewhere.

One response to “Highly Strung – and not a Dirty Window in Sight!

  1. Why the ukulele? Because its awesome! Happy strumming in your new adventure

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