About Tim Austin

More Mercutio than Romeo

Tim Austin is an actor based in both London and North Yorkshire, England. 5’5” with a distinctive RP voice and delicate features, Tim is a unique and characterful performer.

“No Ordinary Performance”

Lancaster Guardian on Alice in Wonderland, October 2010.

Tim has a distinct screen presence, with a smooth voice, pale features and expressive grey eyes. He is also an adept comic actor and a practiced storyteller who revels in playing to a live audience.

“Excellent comic Timing,… Highly appealing and Charismatic,… a Fantastic all round Entertainer.”

Collette Knowles, Artistic Director of Rough Magic Theatre, 2011. For the full text, please click here (requires Linkedin account)

Tim’s appearance and character have seen him cast in villainous and period roles on stage and in film. He has also made an impact with audiences and directors as a comic actor and he thouroughly enjoys playing farce.

Tim has experience as a Dramaturg, making him an expert in deconstructing language and translating classical texts. He has also worked as a puppeteer.

A graduate of the renowned Bretton Hall arts and theatre college, Tim has over a decade of professional theatre experience, including acting roles ranging from The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland to Thomas a’ Beckett in Murder in the Cathedral.

Athough he welcomes offers of work on stage, Tim is especially keen on pursuing new television and film projects. His voice also lends itself well to voice-overs and other audio work.

Please take some time to view his showreel and voice clips here. If you would like to ask Tim to an audition, or if you would like more information, please click here.

Tim Austin is a member of both Equity and Spotlight.


Puppeteer (shadow, rod, mouth, body), Voice Over Artist, Narrator/Storyteller, Live Presenting, Theatre Director, Dramaturg.

Horse Rider.

Tenor Singing Voice, Good Mover.

Languages and accents:

English (“Classical” RP – Native), Norfolk, Suffolk, Lancashire, Yorkshire

German (Basic).



Tim can’t remember a time when he’s not been on the stage. He  played a huge variety of roles on the amateur and school stage while growing up in the Fens of Norfolk. From York in “Henry V” to Duke Felmett in “Wyrd Sisters”, he was a regular sight on amateur stages across the region for over 10 years.

He started his professional career as part of a young person’s touring theatre group in his teens, taking shows to venues all across the UK. After 3 years working with the company, and in an attempt to broaden his knowledge and understanding of theatrical techniques, Tim chose to study Theatre Dramaturgy at the renowned Bretton Hall University, from which he graduated with honours. While at Bretton, Tim began working closely with Dr. James P. Mirrione, an award-winning writer and director attached to New York University’s Creative Arts Team (C.A.T.), who employed him as a Dramaturg and production manager on 3 projects during and after his time at the college.

Tim continued to work as a freelance Dramaturg over the next three years, completing projects for Interplay Theatre in Leeds and The Dramaturgs’ Network in London, providing literary feedback for Dead Earnest Theatre in Sheffield, workshops for Theatre in The Mill in Bradford and Pioneer Projects in Bentham, as well as acting as a script reader for The Dukes Theatre in Lancaster.

Throughout this time, Tim continued his work as an actor and presenter, using the techniques and knowledge that he learned at Bretton Hall to improve and refine his skills. This has included a short to-camera piece for Channel 4’s Demolition strand, an acclaimed run as Sir Henry Baskerville in Bentham Theatre Group’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, as Jules in Gabriel AD’s radio play “Natural Selection” and as both Lewis Carroll and the Mad Hatter in Rough Magic Theatre’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

Recent roles have included the villainous David in Signals Media’s short film “Hunted” and Nigel in “Whiff Whaff” at the Dukes Theatre in Lancaster.

In 2010 Tim decided to focus his energy primarily on seeking out new film and stage roles as an actor but he still welcomes interest in his abilities as a textual critic and runs a blog on Theatre Dramaturgy that you can read here.

Tim relishes the challenge of auditioning for roles and welcomes any interest in his work. You can find his Spotlight CV at;


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