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Winning Awards in a Fascinating Year.

At the start of 2013, I acted in a short film called “Life Like Mine”.  As the year draws to a close, then, it’s a great time to announce that the film has now garnered not 1 but 3 awards at the Angel Film Awards at the Monaco Film Festival.

The awards, now in their 11th year, are among the most prestigious on the short-film circuit.  These three awards are a testament to the hard work and talent of the crew and I’m delighted to share in their success.

What a lovely way to end the year.

And what an interesting year it’s been.  I’ve continued my successful partnership with Yorkshire-based Rough Magic Theatre, performing a number of street shows with the company and starring in their brand new theatre piece “Officer Buckle and Gloria”.

I’ve also spent a good chunk of the year training my screen performance with the help of Beverley Keogh in Manchester, as well as auditioning for a number of shows, among which was a brand new BBC sitcom.

The feature film that I shot last year, The Rise, has also had its cinema release and is now out on DVD.

My work with the local Equity branch has also been rewarding, with recent discussions and efforts delivering real benefits for performers in the region.

All in all, a fascinating time.  What will 2014 bring?

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, all!


Highly Strung – and not a Dirty Window in Sight!

It’s good to learn new things when you’re in the acting biz – every new skill adds a string to your bow. And every new string makes you more attractive to casting types, so:

I’m learning the Ukulele.

And before you say it, it’s not all George Formby and “When I’m Cleanin’ Winders”*! Did you know that John Lennon started out on the Ukulele before he could play guitar?  This makes playing a Uke officially “Cool”. So I’m told.

Though maybe not the hat.

But why the Ukulele?

Well, everyone does the Guitar, don’t they? Imagine how bored casting directors must get by the time the 30th guitar appears on stage!  But a Ukulele?  Well, it just makes you smile, doesn’t it?

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll pop a YouTube sing-song up sometime!

I sat down for a chat with Daniel Evans, Artistic Director of Sheffield Theatres, the other week.  He’s a charming and wonderfully enthusiastic man who genuinely loves his job.

It was the first time I’d been to the City since working with Dead Earnest on a project back in 2005. It was also my first return to the Crucible Theatre since seeing Kenneth Brannagh do Richard III there many moons ago.

It was a treat to spend time in Sheffield again – it’s the perfect model of how to regenerate a town, with art, sculpture and poetry seemingly everywhere you look! If you’ve never been, I encourage you to visit sometime.

And my chat with Daniel? Ah, well that’s between me, him and Frost Magazine 😉

I recently caught a snippet of the old Richard Burton/Peter O’Toole film, “Beckett”.  It’s a brilliant film with two acting heavyweights trying to outshine each other on screeen.  It’s as close as acting comes to bare-knuckle boxing.  I’ve been inspired to put together a new VideoTim based on the ferocity and fury of one of those scenes.

I look forward to sharing it with you.  Next Time.

Until then, have a happy Easter and don’t eat all your eggs at once!

*Yes, I’ve started learning “When I’m Cleaning Windows”.  There’s probably a law mandating it somewhere.

New Showreel

I’ve now posted a re-edited showreel/demoreel, complete with footage from “Date Night”. You can see it below. You can also view it, along with voice clips and gallery images, on my showreel page Above.

If you have any comments, or you would like to contact me about a project, please visit my contact page, above.

A Year in Review.

As  2011 fades into the mists of time and 2012 springs, Bambi like, into the face of today (don’t start!), it’s time to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year ahead.

And it’s been a hell of a year! In 2011 I;

    • Was cast in 3 short films (2 of which are now complete).
    • Performed on stage in “Whiff Whaff” and directed another play for “Theatre Uncut”.
    • Reprised my role as the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland” at the Hebden Bridge Festival in West Yorkshire.
    • Performed improv at Contact Theatre in Manchester.
    • Auditioned on The West End and for a Hollywood director.
    • Was chosen to audition for leading roles in “Merlin and the Legend of King Arthur” and “Much Ado About Nothing”, among many others.
    • Published my first showreel.
    • Wrote sucessful play scripts for Morph Films and Rough Magic Theatre.
    • Created VideoTim, a YouTube channel dedicated to new original monologues.
    • Secured both a performing agent and a voice over agent.
    • Attended various equity and networking events, including the recent innaugral gathering of a brand new branch in North Lancashire (more on that later).
    • Became a columnist for Frost Magazine.
    • And began writing this blog.

    Whew!  I hadn’t quite realised just how busy last year had been.

    But that was 2011; What about 2012?

    Well you never know what the future is going to bring but it is my hope that, with renewed hard work and determination, things will really begin to take off. 

    I’ve already got performances at 3MT in Manchester on the cards as well as workshops for Red Ladder Theatre in Leeds. I’ll be visiting the BBC studios at Media City in Salford soon and completing a significant series of articles for Frost Magazine.

    But what else would I like to do this year? Let’s throw caution to the wind and set out my stall for the year ahead;

      • I’m still very keen to work with the team at Big Finish Productions, an audio drama company that I’ve admired for many years.
      • I’m hoping to build on my relationships with regional theatres in Lancaster, Leeds, Manchester and across Yorkshire and Lancashire. There are a few companies that I’m particularly keen to work with, including the brilliant Pilot Theatre, Northern Broadsides and (if they’ll have me!) Forced Entertainment.
      • I’d like to get more comic material on my showreel as it’s a little short on range.
      • Training ambitions this year include Horse Riding and Fencing.
      • And I’m looking for my first mainstream TV and movie roles in 2012!

      You never know what’s around the corner in this job; I was contacted about a presenting gig for Disney the other week.

      Let’s see what 2012 has in store!


      Putting Keyboard Cat to Sleep; Finding New Dramatic Work Online.

      Where do you go to see a good bit of drama or a gut-busting bit of comedy?

      The Theatre? Some of us, yes. The Cinema? It’s still a good bet. TV perhaps? Well there’s always something nice on when it hits 9 O’clock.

      But the internet?

      Among the Keyboard Cats, the endless (endless! STOP IT!) to-camera opinion pieces and the hilarious footage of foolish-types smacking themselves in the privates with meteor poi*, are there people actually being dramatically creative?

      Well, yes and no.

      The internet is a funny old beast – at once both liberating and frustrating, choc full and yet oddly,.. barren. Although it gives anyone with access to a camera-phone the opportunity to show their talent to a potential audience of billions, the ‘Net is so busy that you have to look hard to find any who do.

      This naturally puts a lot of people off, and there isn’t much financial encouragement, with piracy now endemic on the web. But if you look hard, I mean really, really hard, you might just find a few creative gems.

      I think it’s time to start celebrating their work, so here are a few of my favourites;

      Matt M David, a young American writer/actor, has put together a number of short films on Youtube. This one if my favourite so far;


      Divided Productions are dab hands at creating seriously spectacular looking short films on a shoe string budget. Much of their content finds its way back online after doing the rounds of the short film circuit. This one, Hail of Bullets, is a particularly impressive example – though do suspend your disbelief, John Woo style, first!


      American Comic and actor Brandon Hardesty has made quite a name for himself stateside by re-enacting famous movie monologues on his YouTube channel. Indeed, so well acted are they that he’s now receiving offers from actual Hollywood studios! Here’s a piece that he co-wrote (with Bug Hall) – and it’s seriously good.


      Some actors (such as myself) use video sharing online as a way of showing off our abilities to casting directors and producers. When I was first mulling the idea of VideoTim I came across this lady; the magnificently talented Natalia Kostrzewa. Here’s a great audition monologue that she recorded from a play called Whale Music by Anthony Minghella.


      Andrew O’Donnell is another actor who I came across recently. He’s done a grand job of re-creating the monologue Playing Sandwiches by the great Alan Bennet.


      Now, while all of the videos above are shining examples of new work online, I’ve found it remarkably hard to navigate the wild seas of the World Wide Web and find myself in calm waters where new dramatic and comic content is collected together. Am I looking in the wrong place? Do such Oases exist?

      Let me know in the comments section below! And while you’re at it, why not pop in some links to your personal favourite monologues and short films online – who knows, I may start an awards ceremony!!

      *Okay, here’s a foolish-type smacking himself in the privates with  meteor poi. Enjoy!


      Tim Austin is an Actor working nationally and internationally from his base in the UK. You can find his Spotlight CV here; http://www.spotlight.com/8218-3497-0502 and watch his showreel by clicking here.

      At Last, it’s here!

      My 2011 showreel is complete! You can view it in the window below or click here; http://youtu.be/cy67bbcO-Xw

      There may be an update to the showreel later in the year as today I am meeting with a director to discuss my appearance another short film.

      The showreel below doesn’t feature any footage from Whiff Whaff but I’m confident on getting my paws on it by the end of the month. I’ll update the showreel with new clips as and when I have them.

      Until then, take a look and see what you think.

      I’m actively looking for new film and television roles. If you have something for me, please get in touch by hitting the “Contact Tim” Tab above. Taverymuchly 🙂