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Putting Keyboard Cat to Sleep; Finding New Dramatic Work Online.

Where do you go to see a good bit of drama or a gut-busting bit of comedy?

The Theatre? Some of us, yes. The Cinema? It’s still a good bet. TV perhaps? Well there’s always something nice on when it hits 9 O’clock.

But the internet?

Among the Keyboard Cats, the endless (endless! STOP IT!) to-camera opinion pieces and the hilarious footage of foolish-types smacking themselves in the privates with meteor poi*, are there people actually being dramatically creative?

Well, yes and no.

The internet is a funny old beast – at once both liberating and frustrating, choc full and yet oddly,.. barren. Although it gives anyone with access to a camera-phone the opportunity to show their talent to a potential audience of billions, the ‘Net is so busy that you have to look hard to find any who do.

This naturally puts a lot of people off, and there isn’t much financial encouragement, with piracy now endemic on the web. But if you look hard, I mean really, really hard, you might just find a few creative gems.

I think it’s time to start celebrating their work, so here are a few of my favourites;

Matt M David, a young American writer/actor, has put together a number of short films on Youtube. This one if my favourite so far;


Divided Productions are dab hands at creating seriously spectacular looking short films on a shoe string budget. Much of their content finds its way back online after doing the rounds of the short film circuit. This one, Hail of Bullets, is a particularly impressive example – though do suspend your disbelief, John Woo style, first!


American Comic and actor Brandon Hardesty has made quite a name for himself stateside by re-enacting famous movie monologues on his YouTube channel. Indeed, so well acted are they that he’s now receiving offers from actual Hollywood studios! Here’s a piece that he co-wrote (with Bug Hall) – and it’s seriously good.


Some actors (such as myself) use video sharing online as a way of showing off our abilities to casting directors and producers. When I was first mulling the idea of VideoTim I came across this lady; the magnificently talented Natalia Kostrzewa. Here’s a great audition monologue that she recorded from a play called Whale Music by Anthony Minghella.


Andrew O’Donnell is another actor who I came across recently. He’s done a grand job of re-creating the monologue Playing Sandwiches by the great Alan Bennet.


Now, while all of the videos above are shining examples of new work online, I’ve found it remarkably hard to navigate the wild seas of the World Wide Web and find myself in calm waters where new dramatic and comic content is collected together. Am I looking in the wrong place? Do such Oases exist?

Let me know in the comments section below! And while you’re at it, why not pop in some links to your personal favourite monologues and short films online – who knows, I may start an awards ceremony!!

*Okay, here’s a foolish-type smacking himself in the privates with  meteor poi. Enjoy!


Tim Austin is an Actor working nationally and internationally from his base in the UK. You can find his Spotlight CV here; http://www.spotlight.com/8218-3497-0502 and watch his showreel by clicking here.

Good to Be Back

Would you look at the date!

Where have I been? I’ll get to that in a second. First; some news!

If you look at the header above, you’ll notice a change; my blog will no longer be known as Actortim. In the interest of putting a more professional face to my online world, I shall be using the domain name http://www.tim-austin.co.uk from now on. So welcome to my new home; it’s just like the old one but it’s wearing a slightly sharper suit.

Date Night is now doing the rounds on the short film circuit and, having seen the result, I’m very proud of what we put together. I’ll be adding a clip to my showreel soon so keep those peepers peeled!

This Wednesday see’s me zipping over to Lancaster for a meeting with Demi Paradise about their 2012 show “Much Ado About Nothing”. I’m very excited about this as I simply adore performing Shakespeare and opening up his genius to new audiences. I’ll also be writing my thoughts on the upcoming film “Anonymous” and the various “who wrote Shakespeare” theories soon. You don’t want to miss that (it’s not gonna be pretty!)

And so onto the big question; just where in blazes have I been for the last few weeks?

Simple answer? Temping. Yes, ladies and gentlebeans, I’ve been doing a 9-5 job – slipping into black trousers and dangerously bright shirts to help out at my local GP surgery. It’s not a permanent thing, indeed I’ve only a couple more weeks to go before I’m shown the door, but it gives me something that is essential to any actor; security.

The security to pay my Spotlight and Equity subscriptions, the security of a little money ferreted away to get to auditions and to pay my rent into the New Year and the security of knowing precisely where my next paycheque is coming from. It may sound like small tamales to many of you but trust me, for an actor, that’s a biiig deal.

But, as my work is nearly done, I’m hitting the trail – hunting for the acting work, applying for the castings and putting myself about like Belle De Jour’s excitable younger cousin!

And it’s good to be back.

And now, The News,….

This Tuesday sees me back before cameras, this time for the upcoming short film “Date Night”.

A near-silent romantic drama, “Date Night” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that’s sure to turn a few heads. I can’t give much away about the plot or my part in it but I’m really looking forward to playing a part with some real emotional clout. More news, links and juicy tit-bits from the set on my next blog post (probably in the next couple of days)!

Okay, I know you’re going to ask; no, I didn’t get that West End gig from a couple of weeks back. On the upside, the audition gave me a reason to write a new monologue for my Videotim YouTube channel (you can find it here) and the piece has been getting some great reviews. In fact, my agent, having seen the video, is now beating his way down new paths and knocking on a few storytelling doors using this video as ammunition. Always a good thing!

You may have noticed that I’ve changed my main profile image to the right and on my “About Tim Austin” page. This is in response to advice I’ve been getting recently about playing “to type”. It has occurred to me that my old image, while a slightly nicer shot, didn’t reflect my slightly geekier, odder character. It was, in short, too “leading actor” when I’m more a “lead villain” or “elfin” type. There may be changes to the written profile as well soon, with this in mind.

The eagle eyed among you may also have noticed that my Spotlight CV now houses a copy of my Showreel; this is a major step forward. Many casting directors search exclusively for profiles with a showreel so this opens me up to a much wider slice of casting network online.

On the subject of opening myself up to a wider audience, I’ve approached an online magazine with a view to becoming a columnist. I can’t tell you which magazine, as things are at a very early stage and they’ve not given me any green light yet, but it would mean “ActorTim” blogs becoming predominantly news based in future. Articles about my thoughts on the industry, interviews and reviews would appear elsewhere.

If you’d like to follow my progress and get regular updates about what I’m up to and where you might see me in action, please subscribe using the button on the right of the page. If you’d like to continue hearing my thoughts on the industry, along with reviews and interviews, stay tuned and I’ll have news on my journalistic ambitions soon!

Take care and stay frosty!

Tim Austin is an Actor working nationally and internationally from his base in the UK. You can find his Spotlight CV here; http://www.spotlight.com/8218-3497-0502 and watch his showreel by clicking here.

New VideoTim!

I have now posted 2 new videos on my Youtube channel. The first is the audition piece that I used at the Ambassadors last week; a brand new piece of storytelling with a Christmas theme. Proof that I can tell a Good tale.

The second is a new version of the Henry V piece that I recorded a couple of months back. I wasn’t happy with the original so I took the initiative, while I had the camera (which is on loan), to re-record it. Take a look, let me know what you think. If you like these video’s, please share them as widely as you possibly can.


The Santa Tree by Tim Austin;

Henry V, Chorus introduction to Act 1 (Redux)

Run VT!

Something a bit different this week on Actortim;

Presenting VideoTim, a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to new and unique monologues and performances!

I have decided to fill the time between acting jobs by presenting new work online. I prefer to keep myself busy and stay in practice as much as possible but, without a stage on which to perform, I have no feedback and no audience. Well VideoTim will put pay to that!

This isn’t a replacement for a showreel; I am in the process of putting a full one of those together and I’ll be sharing it as soon as it’s prepared. No, this is more an experiment in staying sharp and encouraging the development of new monologues.

Y’see, VideoTim is an open channel where writers are encouraged to get in touch and send in new monologues for me to perform. Viewers are then encouraged to comment on the results and to suggest changes; it’s completely interactive.

With that in mind, if you have a monologue of between 1 and 5 minutes in length that you would like to see put into action on screen, email it in to thevideotim@gmail.com, I’d really love to read it – and if I like it, it could be the very next VideoTim presentation! Share the news and encourage others to contribute!

Oh, and don’t forget to comment on the video’s yourself and to share them as widely as possible.

Without further ado, here’s a quick introduction followed by the very first video; An Invitation to Dinner. Enjoy!

Tim Austin is an Actor and Theatre Dramaturg working nationally and internationally from his base in the UK. You can find his Spotlight CV here; http://www.spotlight.com/8218-3497-0502